Thursday, 21 May 2009

Editing Of Dexter Title Sequence

  • At the start of the sequence the first thing you see is Dexter asleep with a mosquito piercing into skin of hes arm then he squashes it and kills it, this shows us or gives us a clue that this could be about killing.
  • We then see a number of jump cuts of Dexter getting ready and preparing his breakfast.
  • Whilst getting ready theres jump cuts of Dexter shaving then all of a sudden blood starts dripping down his neck, and lands in the sink making a splatter. This proves to you that there is goin to be a gore in this programme. Also you don't happen to see Dexters face at all at this time, so all your seeing is blood dripping down someones neck giving you ideas about throats being slit ect...

Textual Analysis Of TV Drama Title Sequence