Thursday, 21 May 2009

Editing Of Dexter Title Sequence

  • At the start of the sequence the first thing you see is Dexter asleep with a mosquito piercing into skin of hes arm then he squashes it and kills it, this shows us or gives us a clue that this could be about killing.
  • We then see a number of jump cuts of Dexter getting ready and preparing his breakfast.
  • Whilst getting ready theres jump cuts of Dexter shaving then all of a sudden blood starts dripping down his neck, and lands in the sink making a splatter. This proves to you that there is goin to be a gore in this programme. Also you don't happen to see Dexters face at all at this time, so all your seeing is blood dripping down someones neck giving you ideas about throats being slit ect...

Textual Analysis Of TV Drama Title Sequence

Thursday, 30 April 2009

By The End Of This Project I Must Have:

  • A sketchbook full of thorough, beautifully presented research and planning and/ or a thorough detailed reasearch planning blog
  • A Textual Analysis essay, analysing an existing television drama programme
  • A storyboard for the title sequwnce for your own, original television drama programme.
Waterloo Road is a BBC television drama series set in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, England, and is about a troubled comprehensive school. The programme focuses on its teachers and students, and confronts social issues, including affairs, abortion, divorce and suicide.

Waterloo Road is produced by Shed Productions, the production company responsible for Bad Girls and Footballers' Wives. It is filmed in Rochdale, England; however, controversially[citation needed] it has been billed as being commissioned by BBC Scotland to raise the Scottish division's quota of UK-wide network programming.

An eight part series was made in 2005 and aired in 2006. It was then re-commissioned for a second series, where the first seven episodes were airing on Sunday nights at 8pm in Scotland and Thursday nights at 8pm in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Series 2 finished airing 26 April 2007. Series 3 began on 11 October 2007 on BBC One except on BBC One Scotland where the series began four days earlier. Series 3 paused from airing for the Christmas break. Episodes halted in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with the end of year Cliffhanger on 13 December 2007 and 16 December 2007 in Scotland. Episodes resumed airing in Scotland on 6 January 2008 and in England, Wales and Northern Ireland on 10 January 2008. The series finale aired on BBC One on Thursday 13 March 2008 in most of the UK apart from Scotland, who were left to wait until Monday 17 March 2008. Due to the success of Series 3, a fourth series of 20 episodes was commissioned.

Series 4 began on BBC One on Wednesday 7 January 2009 at 8:00pm (7:30pm on BBC One Scotland) and a fifth series has since been commissioned.

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